creative adventures & timeless imagery


Adventures are my favorite thing, followed closely by photographing those adventures. Meeting new people and helping them create and record their own adventures is a magical feeling. I want to see everything + go everywhere. Let's go together. 

That's me in a nutshell.... keep scrolling down to find out a bit more about how I run my business!


get to know: MY STYLE

It is important to note that I have an overall documentary style of shooting, so my focus is not on "smile at the camera" poses. My typical client or couple desires organic, simple interactions between one another, and their families. That being said, I do know that parents and grandparents love those posed + smiling photos, so I always make sure to grab a few of those in each session. 

I want to create something real and raw with less posed "perfection". When you are able to let go and release control that joy shows though. You will never regret spending an afternoon creating and capturing memories with the people you love most. 

Let's have an adventure together, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the results.


I am a strong believer that photos are meant to be shared; for that reason, I include edited, high-resolution images in my packages. Most photo studios don't do that, they charge a lot of money for pricey prints on top of the session fee pricing. You could walk away spending thousands of dollars. 

The price you see listed will include a set number of image files, should you want more you are free to purchase more from your gallery! You will be presented with a minimum of 50 hand edited images. From there you can select the ones you would like that are included in your package. 

Pricing includes 4 family members, additional members of the immediate family can be added for 25$ each. Photo sessions are limited to immediate family members only. Due to increased editing time, additional family units can be added for $100 per unique family.

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get to know: THAT I LOVE TO TRAVEL

Are you taking a once in a lifetime family trip and want someone to be there to capture your adventures? I'm your girl. 

Are you going on a family outing to chop down a Christmas tree and want some Insta-worthy shots of it? I'm for sure your girl.

Is there a camping trip or a family reunion or maybe a trip to propose to your lover coming up and you want to be in the moment and not whipping out your phone every few minutes... I AM IN. 

I think you get the point. Get in touch if you have questions!